Memory maker

The first solution for creating personalized museum catalogs

What is Myse?

Myse is a mobile application that enables visitors to museums, exhibitions and galleries to create their own personalized catalog throughout their visit, selecting only the works that interest them.

He can also choose the format and cover of his book, and add a personalized photo and caption, which will allow him to leave with a one-of-a-kind copy.

Your museum visit is unique, and so are your memories.

Selection of works from the cartel

Catalog customization

Print and collect on site

Myse in action

Myse has been deployed at the Musée Monet Marmottan since July 2023.

Download the Myse Marmottan application

by scanning the QR Code

Who is Myse?

Myse was born from the meeting of culture and digital.

We're all tempted to take photos of the works we like when we're visiting a museum, when we're not in the way of the crowds of visitors.more often than not, they stay in our phone..

More often than not, they stay in our phone..

From this observation was born an idea, a solution, a project: Myse

Born of an encounter, as is often the case, and an idea brought up at a dinner party between friends and neighbors: a rare-book antiquarian, who had long wanted to take home a catalog of his favorite works from museum visits; an entrepreneur and his architect accomplice came up with the solution, and brought together the most experienced team in the business to create the digital solution that would make this wish a reality: the Myse application.

Myse, My Selection.


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